Hygiene 3G Rule

1.) Distance regulation and mouth and nose protection:
a) In the shop window facing the street: the distance between prostitute and guest must be at least 1.5 metres.
b) In the study: mouth and nose mask must be worn by prostitutes and guests.
c) In the house: On the way to the toilets as well as in the corridors mouth and nose mask compulsory for

    guest and prostitute.

2.) Hygiene and disinfection:
a) When entering the house/room hand disinfection duty for prostitute and guest.
b) When the guest has left the house/room: Changing of bed linen and towels. Disinfection of washbasin,

    toilets, bed, chairs and door handles. Disinfection of possibly used working and writing utensils.
c ) Disinfection of any toilets/door handles used.
d) After using the study, it must be thoroughly ventilated (at least 15 minutes).

3.) Documentation of attendance:
     Every guest has to fill in the attendance list personally after entering the house/room.
     Contents: Date/time, surname, first name and address.

4.) Prostitutes and guests with symptoms of an infection of the respiratory tract (unless a cold has been

     clarified by a doctor) or fever are not allowed to enter the houses or rooms.


3G Rule Covid 19 for customers
   Access only for persons 18 years and older
- FFP2 masks compulsory
- Contact details or registration with QR code Luka App

 3G Rule Covid 19 for prostitutes
- If possible minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other persons.
- Hand hygiene and ventilation of enclosed spaces.
- Wear medical mask.
- Prostitutes: Proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or Covid 19 tests 2 times a week.
- Take contact details of clients or register with QR code from Luka App:
  (First name, last name, street with house number, town with postcode, phone number,
   time and date of visit, house and room number of the prostitute).